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With the completion of Ocean Trail East, the Manuels River Trail System now offers an accessible trail along the river’s edge directly to the ocean, allowing greater opportunity for recreation and opening up access to two provincially protected fossil sites. Our continuing goal is to complete our Trail Master Plan, which includes:

Phase 2B

  • With the completion of Phase 2B, 1.35 kilometers of trail will be developed through improvements and extensions of the Manuels River Trails System.
  • Bubble Pond Look-Out: To upgrade and widen the existing trail, removing all wooden boardwalks and replacing them with gravel surfaces built for accessibility. All wooden steps on upgraded section will be replaced by graded gravel surfaces where possible, or with stone steps where slopes are too aggressive for a graded gravel surface.
  • At Bubble Pond Look-out a fence will be installed to create a safe place for visitors to capture pictures of the picturesque view of the Manuels River Valley and the Atlantic Ocean in Conception Bay.
  • The Ocean Trail West – Martha’s Place to the Ocean: To upgrade and widen the existing trail and extend it to Conception Bay on the west river bank.


Phase 3A

  • With the completion of Phase 3A, T’Railway to The Canyon East will be upgraded and widened, removing all wooden boardwalks and replacing them with gravel surfaces built for accessibility. This phase will open the canyon area up for the natural history and spectacular scenic experience it offers and make it accessible to people of various physical abilities


Phase 3B

  • Phase 3B extends Canyon Trail West from T’Railway to The Canyon along the river edge. This segment is focused on expansion of the trail and stabilizing the river banks to help combat future flood damage. This new development will connect the trail system in a loop at The Canyon (just below Peacekeepers Way) that will be accessible for all visitors.


Manuels River Community Inc is a registered Canadian charity and non-profit organization that depends on community support.


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